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Sunnyfield Aviation is committed to caring for your aircraft as though it were our own. We will manage, maintain and operate aircraft owned by individuals and corporations in a highly professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We make the management process virtually seamless and we can be as involved, or uninvolved in the daily management as you desire. Upon your request, we'll help with your purchase decision and recommend the right type of aircraft, furnishings, amenities and avionics. We will hire qualified crew acceptable to your needs. We will operate your aircraft as requested and incorporate your flight operations into our organization.

We can oversee every financial and administrative aspect of aircraft operations and work in your best interests, including chartering your aircraft when available. We will also oversee all maintenance issues. We can negotiate the lowest group rates for fuel, hangar and maintenance expenses. This will have a significant impact on the bottom line and eliminate the distractions of managing an aircraft.